2014 BASF Science Behind

basf-cc-14This 8th annual BASF Crop Protection Science Behind media event was held prior to the kickoff of the Commodity Classic and this year the theme is The Advanced Acre. The event featured stories from growers on how BASF innovation specialists have helped them get the most out of every acre.

As a major supporter of the Commodity Classic, BASF also has a major presence at the trade show, presents scholarships for students in agricultural careers, sponsors the National Corn Yield Contest, and more. This page provides links to BASF photos and audio interviews from the Commodity Classic.

BASF at the 2014 Commodity Classic Photos

BASF Shares Science Behind the Advanced Acre
Interview with Scott Kay, BASF BASF Science Behind with Scott Kay BASF Helps Growers Plan for Success
Interview with AJ Woodyard, BASF AJ Woodyard, BASF Science Behind presentation BASF Growing Today for TomorrowInterview with Gary Fellows, BASF Meet the BASF NCGA Scholarship WinnersInterview with NCGA Scholarship Winners Meet the BASF SOY Scholarship WinnerInterview with BASF SOY Scholarship Winner Meet the Jerry Minore Scholarship WinnersInterview with BASF Wheat Scholarship Winners

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BASF Spotlights Future of Farming

BASF Agronomist and Central Illinois Farming
Interview with Jeremy Hogan, BASF Interview with TJ Shambaugh, Central IL Farmer
BASF Helps Farmers Increase Production

Interview with Matt Miles, Arkansas Farmer Interview with Alex Rock, Colorado Farmer
BASF Fights Weed Resistance in Colorado
Interview with Bob Leisy, BASF Business Representative

Living Without Regrets: Managing Weed ResistanceBryan Young, Purdue