SST Software Certification Program

UntitledSST Software, an industry leader in precision agriculture, is now offering a precision ag certification program. The SST Precision Ag Certification Program is an intensive, 10-week training course for preparing precision ag technology specialists. The program covers data management, service provider offerings, emerging products, and analysis reports.

Bill Richardson, Director of Training & Education at SST Software, states, “It all starts with understanding how the key elements of spatial data management are essential for building a successful precision ag program. That’s the foundation. Then, the precision ag specialist needs to become proficient on various hardware and software components. Finally, they need to be competent to manage and oversee a precision ag program. This entails knowing how to effectively evaluate and implement technologies in such a way that value is created for both the service organization and the grower.”

Since the 1990s, Richardson has been overseeing SST’s training classes. The company’s clients have often asked for a more formalized training program through which they could send or acquire new hires. SST has designed the precision ag certification program to meet this growing need. Companies may send a person of their choosing for certification training or sponsor a scholarship.

SST sees the certification program as being the ideal bridge between graduating university and entering the world of production ag. Graduates from past programs are now leading some of the nation’s most successful precision ag programs.

Austin Marlett, a 2013 graduate, states, “The program offered hands-on experience with many applications and technologies that I never learned about in school.” Cale James, another 2013 graduate, adds, “Most students have a limited knowledge as to how precision ag actually works, and this opportunity is a great way to learn in-depth, industry application of precision ag. The learning curve is challenging, but it is definitely worthwhile!”

SST believes that a key component for a successful program is a system to keep certified specialists up to date. Brandon Buie, developer of SST’s distance training, states, “The technology evolves so fast that we needed a way to continually feed training to the certified specialists while also testing their knowledge so as to keep their certification status current and to develop them in various areas.”

Graduating students or organizations interested in the SST Precision Ag Certification Program are encouraged to visit the website at