NuFarm Introduces ChampION++ Fungicide

NuFarmNufarm announces the launch of ChampION++ , a fungicide/bactericide that controls key fungal and other diseases in a wide range of high-value crops such as citrus, walnuts, grapes, tomatoes and peppers. ChampION++ is a new dry formulation (Dispersible Granule) of copper that features consistently smaller particles and other unique formulation attributes to provide more thorough coverage – and thus better disease control – with less environmental loading.

“The cupric ion (Cu++) is the active part of the molecule, and it works by attacking the bacteria or fungi where it disrupts enzyme processes,” says Rich Houghton, Ph.D., director of formulation chemistry for Nufarm. “Because copper is not systemic and doesn’t redistribute after application, complete coverage of the leaf surface is essential for good disease control. The smaller particle size that ChampION++ provides means more complete coverage, which results in more copper ions available to be absorbed into the plant tissue. This improved absorption, in turn, provides more effective disease control.”

Copper has been used to combat disease in high-value fruit and vegetable crops since the late 1880s, when the “Bordeaux mixture” of copper sulfate and lime was used in French vineyards to protect grapes from downy mildew. Copper fungicides have evolved over the decades but remain a key disease management tool for producers.

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