Poll: 8 in 10 Want E15 At Pump

Fuels America released a poll today that gauged consumer opinions of E15, a 15% ethanol, 85% gasoline fuel blend currently sold in nine states in the U.S. The poll comes on the heels of E15’s re-entrance into the American fuel market earlier this week. E15 was approved for use in vehicles 2001 or later nearly 14 months ago and today 40 stations are selling E15 at the pump, on average between 10-20 cents less per gallon than regular gasoline.

FA_Sharegraphic_E15_091813aThe poll of 1,211 U.S. adults, revealed that a strong majority of Americans (82 percent) support having E15 available at their local gas stations; and more than three-quarters (76 percent) want access to even higher ethanol fuel blends, such as E20 or E30 (20 or 30 percent ethanol).

The Fuels America poll found that nearly four in five (79 percent) believe that the oil industry’s efforts to block the availability of E15 is bad for consumers.

Listen to the E15 Consumer Poll press call here: E15 Consumer Poll

In addition to releasing the new poll data, during a media teleconference, several ethanol advocates debunked a number of myths that oil industry lobbyists continue to perpetuate about E15.