GEOSYS Field Profit Planner Introduced

FieldMapGEOSYS Inc. announced its launch of the GEOSYS Field Profit Planner, a comprehensive tool for farmers and their advisors who pursue high efficiency farming.

The new cloud-based GEOSYS Field Profit Planner service gives growers quick analyses of their individual fields while also providing insight into productivity across the entire farm. Unique to the GEOSYS platform, profit analysis for each field is included as part of the standard package. Each grower’s individual field costs and yields can be used to calculate returns on each field or variable rate technology (VRT) field zone. The data is displayed in an easy-to-use format.

The service enables better decision making for higher profitability.

“The foundation of the service is 10 or more years of field biomass data,” said Norm Davy, GEOSYS senior vice president. “Farmers get a fast start by instantly gaining access to GEOSYS data that best represents the actual productive capacity of the field. Other approaches using a single factor, like soil sampling or years of yield maps, which requires significant time to establish can be less accurate.”

The tool helps all growers regardless of their previous experience with precision agriculture. Davy pointed out that growers just getting started in high efficiency farming can benefit right from the start: “Our goal with high efficiency farming is to produce more output per unit of input. Whether it be fertilizer, fungicide, seeds or other inputs, we seek to optimize the return.” By refining their management approach using the equipment they have already, growers make more informed decisions resulting in more production per unit of input. He also noted that those growers who have access to VRT make swifter strides with better data and decision-making tools.

Most growers think about starting the planning process when loading this season’s yield maps. GEOSYS is providing a turnkey solution to streamline the cumbersome process of getting yield maps into a usable framework for making decisions. The new Harvest Map Processor will accept native files from combines, regardless of format, and process that data into the GEOSYS platform. This standardization process reduces the frustration long associated with loading these files.

“We are focused on providing better tools for high efficiency agriculture by making them more simple” says Davy. “The GEOSYS Field Profit Planner answers the needs of farmers to make the process faster, easier and better, with results that pay for the tool many times over. Combined with our GEOSYS Crop Health Monitor, which watches crops as they grow, GEOSYS offers year-round support for growers seeking to improve yields and profits.”

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