Edict® 2SC IVM Herbicide Joins Nufarm

NufarmBurr Ridge, IL – Nufarm Americas, Inc. announces the addition of Edict® 2SC IVM Herbicide to its Industrial and Vegetation Management (IVM) portfolio.

Edict, a product of Nichino America, Inc. is a unique, patented PPO inhibitor that provides post-emergent control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds. Edict is used at extremely low use rates (0.7 to 4 oz/acre) and works as an excellent tank mix partner with products like 2,4-D for broadleaf weed control in desirable grasses, as well as glyphosate and other non-selective products for enhanced speed and efficacy in industrial bareground treatments. Because of its unique mode of action, Edict is an excellent resistance management tool for species like kochia, Russian thistle and redroot pigweed.

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