Study Shows That Parasite Control Pays

RFADULUTH, Ga — July 17, 2008 (AgNewsWire) — In hard economic times, cutting corners can become a rule instead of an exception. As the cattle industry faces rapidly rising input costs, producers should make every dollar count. According to a recent study from Iowa State University,1 one place producers cannot afford to cut is in their parasite control program. The study concluded that parasite control is the most economically important practice in beef production.

“We’ve known for years that parasite control was critical to the profitable cattle producer, but this study is significant because it proves the value of parasite control in actual dollars and cents,” says Dr. James Hawkins, Parasitologist and Consultant for Merial Veterinary Services. “However, a parasite control program is only as good as the products used. That is why producers need to choose products they can trust and products that are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, such as IVOMEC Brand Products.”

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