FMC Recommends Growers Use Preemergence Herbicides in Late Planted Soybeans

FMCPhiladelphia, May 15, 2008 — From Minnesota to Mississippi, cool temperatures and soggy conditions are keeping soybean farmers out of the fields. As planting dates slip into May and beyond, some soybean growers may consider foregoing a preplant or preemergence herbicide as part of their cultural practice. But experts warn that could be a very costly decision.

According to Bob Hooten, Midwest technical support manager with FMC Corporation, planting windows for corn and soybeans are being pushed into a very tight timeframe. Further planting delays mean more pressure on the grower to get both corn and soybeans planted and to apply a postemergence herbicide on both, at just the right time, to optimize yields.

Using a preemergence herbicide such as Authority® First DF, Authority® MTZ or Authority® Assist from FMC to clean up fields prior to planting soybeans relieves this pressure and will give soybean growers tremendous added flexibility on the timing of their postemergence soybean herbicide application. Plus, the weed control from these products eliminates weeds and competition for resources such as moisture and nutrition, meaning soybeans get a stronger, more vigorous start.

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