Quilt Fungicide Receives Section 3 Registration for Soybeans

SyngentaGreensboro, N.C., June 25, 2007— (AgNewsWire) Syngenta Crop Protection announced today that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a Section 3 registration for the use of Quilt® fungicide on soybeans.

Originally approved in 2005 for use in the United States as a Section 18 Quarantine Exemption on soybeans for control of Asian soybean rust (ASR), Quilt has a proven track record of helping to rid fields of ASR and other soybean diseases in both South America and the United States. In addition to its use on soybeans, Quilt is also registered on a number of other crops, including rice, corn and cereals.

“The section 3 registration for Quilt on soybeans is especially helpful for growers in the southern United States that contend with ASR, as well as other damaging diseases, on a yearly basis,” said Jamie Eichorn, fungicide brand manager with Syngenta Crop Protection. “A member of the Quadris family of brands, Quilt provides complete broad-spectrum disease control in addition to its excellent control of ASR.”

By combining two active ingredients, the triazole found in Tilt® fungicide and the strobilurin found in Quadris® fungicide, Quilt delivers excellent disease control as well as improved Plant Performance™. The combination of the two ingredients also gives Quilt both preventive and curative qualities to help growers protect crops against ASR. Because of its exceptional xylem-mobile, systemic activity, Quilt protects the entire plant, including plant growth emerging after application, from diseases such as ASR.

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