Parasite Control Best Way to Increase Weaning Rates and Heights

MerialDULUTH, Ga. — May 3, 2007 — A recent Iowa State University study revealed that parasite control in the cow/calf segment is the technology that affects weaning rates and weaning weights the most.1 The analysis, conducted by Dr. John Lawrence, professor of economics, was of more than 170 research trials spanning the last 25 years.
The study concluded that when compared with the second most important practice to a cow/calf herd — the use of growth promoting implants — parasite control is 5.9 times more important to break-even cost.1 Producers who use parasite control can expect an advantage of 23% in weaning rate and 4% in weaning weight.1
“This analysis confirms that producers who use parasite control in their cow herds can expect a significant increase in pregnancy rates, calf survival and weaning weights — three important factors to a cow/calf producers’ bottom line,” says Dr. James Hawkins, Associate Director of Merial Veterinary Professional Services.

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