Domark® Fungicide Receives Expanded (Section 3) Registration

ValentWALNUT CREEK, Calif. (April 13, 2007)—Valent U.S.A. Corporation announces that Domark® Fungicide has received a Section 3 registration from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Soybean farmers can now use Domark to achieve Maximum Harvest Value™ and protect their soybeans from yield-robbing diseases such as frogeye, purple seed stain, brown spot and many other diseases including Asian soybean rust.

Maximum Harvest Value—may be a new term for soybean farmers, but not a new concept, and is now an easier goal to achieve with Domark.

“For soybean farmers, Domark maximizes harvest value which means disease protection, ease of harvest and crop safety—resulting in higher yield and increased profit,” Jamie Nielson, Domark product manager said. “An additional key advantage Domark has over its competitors is that there are no harvest issues from green stems.”

Research has shown excellent control of soybean diseases with Domark.

“In university trials, Domark was consistently one of the best performing fungicides for soybean disease control,” said John Pawlak, Domark product development manager. “We saw exceptional control of frogeye the number one secondary disease in soybeans—better than some of the leading triazole and strobilurin fungicides.”

The unique features of Domark set it apart from other soybean fungicides on the market. Domark can be used as both a preventative and curative treatment for soybean diseases, protecting existing and new growth. Its systemic activity allows Domark to be quickly absorbed by the soybean leaf and evenly distributed throughout the treated leaf to ensure fast-acting control.

With the Section 3 registration, Domark is fully registered and can be used for broad spectrum disease control in soybeans which translates into Maximum Harvest Value.

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