Monsanto’s Roundup Rewards® Program Expands

ValentWALNUT CREEK, CA (March 22, 2007)—Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced that Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology(TM) will again be a part of Monsanto’s Roundup Rewards® Program in 2007. This year the program, which was available for Midwest farmers in 2006, will also be offered to Select Max users in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

In 2007, Roundup Ready® soybean farmers will continue to have even more insurance to protect their investment against volunteer Roundup Ready corn when they use Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology(TM). But this insurance they can take to the bank—literally.

Farmers who use Select Max with Roundup WeatherMAX® will receive $2.60 off per acre; farmers who use Select Max with Roundup Original MAX(TM) will receive $1.30 off per acre—making Select Max an economical solution with the best performance for the farmer.

In 2007, two additional products have been added to the Roundup Rewards program—Harness® Herbicide or Degree® Herbicide. Farmers who use Harness® Herbicide or Degree® Herbicide on their Roundup Ready corn along with Select Max and Roundup Original MAX(TM) or Roundup WeatherMAX® on their soybeans can earn an additional $1.30 off per acre. The potential savings in 2007 with this program is as high as $3.90 per acre.

In addition to the economic value, farmers who rotate their fields from Roundup Ready corn to Roundup Ready soybeans know that a “one-two punch” of Roundup with another product for volunteer corn, such as Select Max, is a critical element of a thorough crop protection program.

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