Valley® PolySpan™ Provides Superior Corrosion Protection

Ayres KahlerVALLEY, Neb. (AgNewsWire) – In a period of less than one growing season, certain farm chemicals or corrosive water can begin to take a toll on irrigation pipes. In a few years, this may lead to major repairs and replacement of expensive machine parts, depending on the level of corrosive material in the water.

PolySpanTM lined irrigation pipe from Valley protects against the harshest nature and man have to offer and can go toe-to-toe with even the most aggressive chemigation and fertigation programs. In fact, Valley offers several alternative pipeline solutions designed to meet specific water conditions and customer expectations. Most Valley machines can be repiped with PolySpan for years of continued performance at significantly lower costs than replacing the current machine.

Jim Mikula, product manager, said any customer considering PolySpan should first obtain a water analysis from their local Valley dealer. A water analysis is the only way to really know which Valley pipeline solution is the right choice for a particular program. If PolySpan is deemed the right choice, it will significantly reduce the grower’s long-term costs by eliminating the need for future repipings. “PolySpan is like nothing else on the market,” Mikula said.

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