Pivot Preventative Maintenance Equates to Savings in the Long Run

Ayres KahlerVALLEY, Neb. (AgNewsWire) – A preventative maintenance schedule is to a center pivot what an engine tune up is to a race car. To operate at peak efficiency, each machine requires proper care and maintenance.

Downtime costs money. Valley’s Certified Preventative Maintenance Programs are designed to fit the needs of center pivots, corners or linear machines.

With the end of a long, tough irrigation season, the timing is right to prepare center pivots for the following year. Customers have the ability to customize their own program and with three price options, having peace of mind has never been easier as a Valley owner.

Each program is affordably priced and offers options that provide checks on important areas of the machine including the pivot point, drive train, alignment and sprinkler package. Each inspection ensures that critical components are ready for the next operating season. Valley dealers have access to the industry’s most comprehensive training program for their technicians and service personnel.

Rich Panowicz, manager of aftermarket sales for Valmont Irrigation added, “Valley dealers will review each year another critically important area on a center pivot or linear and that is the sprinkler package. The application uniformity and efficiency of the sprinkler package can be affected by plugged or worn out nozzles, worn out pressure regulators, inadequate sprinkler spacing or height and water pressure that is too low,” he said. Panowicz said preventative maintenance checks also allow for dealers to update growers on advances in new and more effective sprinklers. “A small investment in upgrading or at least checking your sprinkler package can pay big dividends come harvest time.”

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