Ethanol Star of the Track During IndyCar® Series Daytona Test

Ethanol Promotion and Information CouncilDaytona, FL (February 1, 2007) (AgNewsWire) The IndyCar® Series held its first Open Test of the season Wednesday, January 31, at Daytona International Speedway where for the first time all IndyCar Series cars ran on 100 percent fuel-grade ethanol.
Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) Executive Director Tom Slunecka was in Daytona to watch history being made.
“The test started off with just a bang, the engines cranked up. Just amazing to know a product that comes right from the Heartland is powering these massive machines around the track at over 200 miles an hour. It was an exciting morning,” said Slunecka.
According to Slunecka, the IndyCar drivers he talked to in Daytona are proud to be a part of the change to a fuel that is better for the environment and the economy, as well as being happy with its performance in their cars. Plus, the fumes of the farm-based fuel are less harmful and smell better.
“Methanol is a very gaseous-type smell – makes your eyes water and your throat tighten up. But, today as these engines cranked up for the very first time, the sweet smell of ethanol wafted over the paddock,” Slunecka said. “And all of these drivers and mechanics are so appreciative of the fact that these fumes that they are breathing today are non-toxic and their jobs just got a whole lot healthier.”
Slunecka added that the ethanol industry should take great pride in the switch to ethanol by the IndyCar Series.
“If it weren’t for the vision of several leaders in the ethanol industry and a young man named Paul Dana we wouldn’t be here today. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to show the world that ethanol is the right choice.”
Also in Daytona to watch the test was Dan Schwartzkopf, senior vice president of Renova Energy in Torrington, Wyo., the facility which was contracted by EPIC to supply approximately 120,000 gallons of ethanol to the IndyCar Series this season.

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