Super Bowl Cooking With Beef

Missouri Beef Industry CouncilColumbia, MO (AgNewsWire) Nothing says celebrate like beef and the Missouri Beef Industry Council (MBIC) is urging consumers to try out some new beef appetizers when they gather to watch Super Bowl LXI this year.

“We like to remind people that beef owns that emotion of celebration,” said MBIC Director of Marketing Dawn Thurnau. “When you think about celebrating with friends and family, often times you think of beef.”

But Thurnau urges consumers to think beyond the traditional burgers and steak when they are considering foods for entertaining, since beef can be a great ingredient in some fun finger foods.

“My favorite is actually a Beef WonTon that takes some ground beef, some eggs, and cheese and water chestnuts, mixed together, stuck in a wonton wrapper and baked,” said Thurnau. “You’ve got a great hand-held kid pleaser, but adults also love it.”

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