Becker Underwood Creates Inoculants and Seed Enhancement Business Units

Becker UnderwoodAmes, Iowa — December 18, 2006 (AgNewsWire) As a result of its rapidly expanding businesses in seed colorants and polymers, seed coating services and inoculants, Becker Underwood has announced major changes to its North American Seed Enhancement Business Unit. Becker Underwood will expand the current business to form two new units, an Inoculants Business Unit and Seed Enhancements Business Unit.

“This business unit will be dedicated to our growing inoculants business and will enable us to arrange our business around our inoculants customers, including distributors, retailers and growers, and emphasize the products and technologies that best fit into this market channel,” says Peter Innes, chief executive officer of Becker Underwood.

The Inoculants Business Unit will be headed by seed-industry veteran Paul Holliday, beginning on January 2, 2007. In this newly created post, Holliday will oversee all sales and marketing activities, and all inoculants manufacturing operations in the United States and Canada.

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