Merial Unveils Convenient Coccidiosis Prevention and Treatment

MerialDULUTH, Ga. — Nov. 14, 2006 — (AgNewsWire) Merial, the maker of CORID® (kor’ id) (amprolium), today announced that the product will soon be available as an in-feed formulation, making prevention and treatment of coccidiosis (kok sid ee oh’ sis) even easier for beef and dairy producers. The new in-feed formulations can be blended with feed or used as a topdress to break the coccidian (kok sid’ ee an) life cycle and prevent or treat an outbreak of bloody scours.

“Bovine coccidiosis is one of the most economically important intestinal diseases in cattle. It costs beef and dairy producers $100 million annually,” 1 says Dr. Joe Dedrickson, (deed’ rik sun) director of Merial Veterinary Professional Services. “That’s probably a very conservative estimate because 95% of everything we see with coccidiosis is subclinical.”

CORID remains the first and only coccidiostat labeled for use as both a preventative and treatment therapy, and today’s announcement expands the CORID line to three offerings — CORID 1.25% topdress, CORID 2.5% in-feed and CORID 9.6% solution. Producers can now administer CORID in-feed, in-water or as a drench. In-feed formulations are available through licensed feed manufacturers and their dealers.

“I think they are going to really appreciate the convenience of our new CORID label on our feed,” Dr. Dedrickson says. “That makes it so they can either topdress it or mix it in complete feed now where before they only had water soluble products.”

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