Commodity Markets By Cell Phone

Commodity Update(Saint Paul, MN – AgNewsWire) Commodity Update of Saint Paul, MN has successfully launched the first fully customizable cell phone delivery service for commodity markets. Commodity Update is the first service of its kind that delivers critical market data and other information instantly and directly to a user’s cell phone wherever they are.

The service works on virtually any cell phone. It requires no new equipment and no cumbersome web browsing on your phone.

For any producer who has ever wished they had a market data terminal in their pickup, tractor, or pocket, Commodity Update provides the solution.

Commodity Update CEO Joel Jaeger, who is a farmer himself, says their goal is to get farmers the information they need when they need it.

“It’s very difficult to get timely and accurate market information when you are sitting in your tractor out in the field. So, in many ways this service was born out of necessity for us and we found an opportunity to deliver information to the cell phone that the farmer carries in his pocket.”

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