Pioneer Forage Forum Offers Nutrition Expertise to Dairy Industry

Forage Forum PodcastDES MOINES, Iowa, July 17, 2006 – Dairy producers, forage growers and those with interests in dairy animal nutrition now can tap into the expertise of dairy nutrition specialists at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., through the Pioneer Forage Forum, a new series of blogs and podcasts available online. Topics available from this resource will range from crop harvesting techniques to forage marketing tips to silage analysis and more.

Pioneer Forage Forum will be featured on the World Dairy Diary blog/podcast site,, where a fresh topic will be posted every two weeks. Segments are presented as audio files, each approximately three minutes long. In addition, registered Pioneer customers can hear these files and send e-mail responses at the Pioneer GrowingPoint® website,, by clicking on the Livestock Nutrition Tab.

This summer’s introductory sequence kicks off with commentary from Dr. Bill Mahanna, coordinator of global nutritional sciences for Pioneer. Mahanna shares insights on alfalfa cutting height, reality-driven pricing for corn silage and the benefits of communication between nutritionists and custom cutters. In the following weeks, Mahanna and other Pioneer specialists will address a variety of forage-related topics. (Full Release)