Producers Need To Evaluate Crop Insurance Options Carefully

Crop1 InsuranceDes Moines, Iowa (AgNewsWire) The Bush administration’s fiscal year 2007 budget includes proposals to enhance crop insurance coverage, and reduce costs to deliver the program, so that crop insurance will provide coverage that is sufficient to sustain most farmers in times of loss. Because the current budget situation in Washington is tight, farmers can no longer expect to receive federal aid when disaster strikes, which makes crop insurance more important than ever and means it is vital for farmers to have the right crop insurance plan for their particular operation.

Farmers need to make sure they ask the right questions when they go to purchase crop insurance, according to Rob Boysen, chief operating officer with Crop 1 Insurance.

“One of the first questions is to ask if the agent is qualified to offer an opportunity for a crop insurance discount on their program this year. There are a number of companies that are eligible to do that. Then in addition, they should ask what’s their history in delivering those discounts.” (Full Release)