Massey Ferguson Announces New Specialty Tractor Line

Massey FergusonDULUTH, GA – December 5, 2005 (AgNewsWire) – Massey Ferguson has introduced three new specialty tractors equipped with pressurized cabs and air filtration systems designed to supply clean cab air for the operator. The system seals out pesticide particles and other contaminants to protect operators during specialty applications such as orchard spraying.

“New Massey Ferguson 5400SA Series tractors have an advanced cab pressurization and air flow system that changes cab interior air every 36 seconds,” says Rene Boivin, Massey Ferguson marketing manager. “The system keeps contaminants out of the cab, filtering out 99 percent of all particles larger than 3 microns. The recirculating air system then removes 95 percent of the remaining particles, and is part of a managed program of occupational health and safety. In fact, 5400SA Series cab heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Full Release