23rd Annual IFAMA World Forum

ifamaThe 23rd World Forum of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) is being held June 16-20, 2013 in Atlanta.

The theme of this event, with some 450 attendees from 28 countries, is “The Road to 2050: The Talent Factor” – Meeting Future Global Needs of Food and Agriculture.

IFAMA 23rd World Forum Photo Album

Audio files:

Monsanto Chairman Keynotes IFAMA World ForumIFAMA Keynote address by Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant

Novus CEO is New IFAMA PresidentInterview with Novus CEO and incoming IFAMA president Thad Simons

Agribusiness Ties to HarvardInterview with IFAMA president Mary Shelman, Harvard Business School
IFAMA president Mary Shelman remarks

Harvest is Plenty, Ag Laborers are Few
IFAMA address by USDA's Sonny Ramaswamy

Georgia Ag Commissioner Welcomes IFAMA
GA Ag Commissioner Welcomes IFAMA
Interview with Gary Black

DuPont Exec Talks Food Security at IFAMA

Interview with DuPont Exec Jim Borel
AgCareers.com Supports IFAMA Student CompetitionAgCareers.com president Eric Spell at IFAMA World Forum
SAI Platform Checklist Launched at IFAMASAI president Ernesto Brovelli at IFAMA World Forum
Multiplier Effect of IFAMA Student Involvement -Tomas Murtagh, Novus International
Novus student interns from China

IFAMA Student Competition Winners
Santa Clara Student IFAMA Competition Winners

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