RFA CEO Comments on Ethanol Issues

RFA-logo-13In this interview, Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) president and CEO Bob Dinneen discusses the recent Quad County Corn Processors cellulosic ethanol production grand opening, the record corn crop and ethanol production this year, new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) ad campaigns and whether EPA will change the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligations that are under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) review.

Interview with RFA CEO Bob Dinneen

GOP Ag Commissioners on Federal Overreach

logoMembers of the Republican Agriculture Commissioners Committee hosted a conference call Monday to discuss the impact of federal overreach on agriculture in the United States and back the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) in calling for the proposed “Waters of the U.S.” (WOTUS) rule to be withdrawn.

Speaking on behalf of RACC were Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, and the Commissioners of Agriculture for Louisiana, North Dakota and South Carolina – Mike Stain, Doug Goehring, and Hugh Weathers. Press call with Republican Ag Commissioners on Federal Overreach

USDA Conservation Grants Announced

nrcsAgriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the award of $15.7 million in Conservation Innovation Grants (CIGs) to 47 organizations that will help develop and demonstrate cutting-edge ideas to accelerate innovation in private lands conservation. The Secretary made the announcement while visiting a farm in Moline, Illinois. The grants are funded through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Those receiving the grants must work with producers and forestland owners to develop and demonstrate the new technologies and approaches. At least 50 percent of the total cost of CIG projects must come from non-federal matching funds, including cash and in-kind contributions provided by the grant recipient.

You can listen to the press conference with NRCS Chief Jason Weller here: Press Conference, Jason Weller, NRCS

USDA Crop Report Comments

usda-logoUSDA has increased its estimate of both the corn and soybean crops this month, building on already forecast record highs.

Corn production is forecast at 14.4 billion bushels, up 3 percent from both the August forecast and from 2013 and yields are expected to average 171.7 bushels per acre, almost 13 bushels an acre higher than last year. Soybean production is forecast at a record 3.91 billion bushels, up 3 percent from August and up 19 percent from last year.

National Corn Growers Association Vice President of Public Policy Jon Doggett commented during a press call for Fuels America: Jon Doggett, NCGA comments on corn crop

Jack Scoville of the PRICE Futures Group commented on the numbers during the Minneapolis Grain Exchange crop call: MGEX crop report conference call

Conservation Easement Program Investments

vilsack-usdaAgriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced Monday that $328 million in conservation funding is being invested to help landowners protect and restore key farmlands, grasslands and wetlands across the nation. The funding is provided through the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), which was created in the 2014 Farm Bill to protect critical wetlands and encourage producers to keep lands in farming and ranching.

Ag Secy Tom Vilsack comments on conservation easement

Hereford Genetic Summit

hereford-14-73-editedMissouri State University’s Darr Agricultural Center served as home for the American Hereford Association’s Hereford Genetic Summit. Hereford breeders from across the country gathered to talk about what tomorrow’s consumers want, how the economic drivers of the beef industry come into play for breeders, what genetics commercial producers are seeking and responsibilities of seedstock producers.

Hereford Summit Photo Album.

Using Data to Create ChangeInterview with Craig Huffhines, AHA Executive VP
Tailgating Brazilian StyleInterview with Dr. Flavio Ribeiro, Brazilian meat scientist
Charting the Course & Setting Sail with the Hereford BreedInterview with Kevin Oschner
The Responsibility of Seedstock ProducersInterview with Galen Fink and Don Schiefelbein
The Value of Hereford Genetics in Commercial HerdsInterview with Lorna Marshall
Interview with Dr. Randall Raymond
Economic Drivers Influence the Hereford BreedInterview with Randy Blach Interview with Dr. Kee
How to Understand Tomorrow’s ConsumerInterview with John Lundeen & Joe Pawlak

iCropTrak 5: Farming App with On-Board Analytics

iCropTrak 5 logoCogent3D has released iCropTrak 5 – an “on-board” processing for mobile analytics farming application that is based on technology originally developed for the military. This technology is a bit different than many that are based in the “cloud” or on your desktop. iCropTrak version 5 performs all the processing needed on your iPad and in the field or wherever you need to be even without a wireless connection.

Imagine standing in your field, reviewing your data, stacking it up and analyzing it with correlation graphs to visualize how your chemical application has impacted your projected yield and walking to a spot in your field and inspecting where analysis shows potential for lower yield. This is exactly what you can do and more with iCropTrak 5.

Cogent3D considers this a technological leap in capturing and analyzing farming data. The company believes that the history of computer technology is repeating itself with the farming industry from standalone pc programs to cloud-based web services and now to native mobile applications.

The company is confident iCropTrak 5 will change how agronomists and sales teams interact with their clients and perform their jobs. With iCropTrak 5 an agronomist can load data, stand in a field with their client or sit with them at their kitchen table, show them how their prescriptions and recommendations have impacted their fields using quantifiable information and make informed decisions based on solid data from a device that sits in the palm of your hand.

To learn more about iCropTrak 5, visit www.iCropTrak.com and also view the entire product press release here.

Eco Agro Resources Introduces PENXCEL Technology Platform

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.33.30 PMU.S.-based Eco Agro Resources has expanded its portfolio with a delivery system for active ingredients in the agricultural fertilizer market, announced today at The Fertilizer Institute annual meeting in San Francisco, California. PENXCEL™ Technology is a unique formulation system developed to deliver fertilizer additives for dry and liquid fertilizer. The delivery system drives active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the prills or granules of solid fertilizer and allows the use of active ingredients previously deemed “impossible to be coated” on fertilizer. Patents have been filed for this formulation breakthrough.

PENEcoAgro logoXCEL has low viscosity, so it pours quickly even in the cold and easily coats fertilizer. It blends faster than other industry standard formulations, saving time during the critical application season. The end result is consistent fertilizer product that flows freely and performs in the field.

West Texas A&M Research shows that the PENXCEL system excels in the challenging field conditions of Texas, providing consistent results that are amplified under tougher conditions. The benefits of PENXCEL were demonstrated in the positive results with N YIELD™ nitrogen stabilizer. The researcher attributed the better activity to the more consistent application of the product to the fertilizer and to deeper penetration of urea prills.

Andrew Semple, chief executive officer of Eco Agro Resources observes, “Our PENXCEL Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative new products for improving the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. Our fertilizer additive products, including N YIELD, N-BOUND™ and PHOS GAIN™ utilize PENXCEL Technology. It provides superior performance, blending and handling.” Semple concludes, “While Eco Agro Resources is a small, innovative U.S.-based company among a field of giants in the global fertilizer industry; we believe in innovation and remain committed to developing new and improved products for the benefit of the agricultural market.”

2014 IFAJ Congress

ifaj2014The British Guild of Agricultural Journalists hosts the 2014 IFAJ World Congress in Scotland September 4-7 with the theme Innovations from a Small Island showcasing British food and farming to the global media.

2014 IFAJ Congress Photo Album

Welcome to 2014 IFAJ Congress in ScotlandLord Provost George Adam
Jane Craigie Welcome Comments
2014 IFAJ Congress Wrap2014 IFAJ Congress
Farming in ScotlandInterview with Nigel Miller

Bayer CropScience Opens New Facility

bayer-biologics-flagsBayer CropScience has opened a new center for biologics and vegetable seed research and development in West Sacramento, California.

On September 3, Bayer CropScience executives joined with community leaders for grand opening ceremonies at the new facility. Among those taking part were global Bayer CropScience CEO Liam Condon, North American president and CEO Jim Blome, West Sacramento site manager Mike Millie, and West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon.

Bayer CropScience Biologics Center Photo Album

On Track with Bayer CropScience Biologics
Bayer CropScience Biologics Center Opening reception remarks
Bayer CropScience Cuts Ribbon for the Future
Bayer CropScience Biologics Center Grand Opening
Bayer CropScience CEOs Thrilled with New CenterInterview with Bayer CropScience global CEO Liam Condon
Interview with Bayer CropScience North America president and CEO Jim Blome
Bayer Synergy Between Biologics and VegetablesInterview with Mike Millie, Bayer CropScience biologics
Interview with Roger Muren, Bayer CropScience vegetable seeds
Bayer CropScience Expanding R&D
Interview with Adrian Percy, Bayer CropScience
Interview with Jonathan Margolis, Bayer CropScience


15090820586_9a560d98f0_mA changing of the guard at GROWMARK, Inc. is happening this month and both incoming and retiring CEOs took the stage at the cooperative’s annual meeting in Chicago last week. Jeff Solberg is retiring from GROWMARK after 38 years in a variety of leadership positions, including Senior Vice President, Finance, Vice President, Finance, and Treasurer. He was named CEO in November 2010 and assumed the CEO duties in January 2011. Replacing Solberg as of September 15 is Jim Spradlin, who most recently held the title of vice president of agronomy for GROWMARK.

Interview with Jeff Solberg, Retiring CEO GROWMARK
Interview with Jim Spradlin, CEO-elect GROWMARK

2014 GROWMARK Annual Shareholder’s Meeting Photo Album

2014 Alltech Global Dairy and Beef Conference

Alltech Global Dairy & BeefAlltech’s Global Dairy and Beef event is taking place at the Centre International de Deauville (CID) in Normandy, France, August 30 – September 2, 2014. The Normandy region is the heart of the French ruminant industry – there are more than 580,000 dairy cows on 12,500 dairy farms and more than a quarter of a million beef cattle in Normandy residing on 5,800 beef units. An impressive 17,000 people are directly employed in agriculture in Normandy.

2014 Alltech Global Dairy & Beef Photo Album

Meeting with Dr. LyonsInterview with Dr. Pearse and Mark Lyons
Alltech Dares to Dream Big - Dr. Pearse Lyons Opening Remarks
Alltech Press ConferenceDr. Pearse Lyons Press Conference
Alltech: Big Data to Revolutionize Livestock ProductionDr. Karl Dawson
Alltech Works with Feedex to Promote Equestrian GamesInterview with Johanna Sundqvist, Feedex
Alltech Brings Positive Message of Agriculture to FranceInterview with Elizabeth Bagby, Alltech
Dinner Discussion Turns to Crop Quality at Alltech ConferenceInterview with Robert Walker, Alltech
Alltech’s Formula for Success: E=P+S - Interview with Kevin Tuck, Alltech
Alltech: Big Data to Revolutionize Livestock ProductionInterview with Dr. Karl Dawson, Alltech

2014 Farm Progress Show

FPS14-flag2014 Farm Progress Show held in Boone, Iowa August 26-28, 2014. The third day of the show was cancelled due to rain, but there was still enough happening in two days to keep the ZimmComm team busy.

More audio from FPS sponsors and exhibitors can be found here.

2014 Farm Progress Show Photo Album
2014 New Holland Farm Progress Show Photo Album

General Audio
Iowa Governor Visits Farm Progress ShowInterview with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad
EPA Official Talks WOTUS at FPS – EPA Region 7 Administrator Karl Brooks
Iowa Congressman at Farm Progress ShowInterview with Rep. Steve King, Iowa
Bill Northey Talks Corn Crops, Water Quality: Interview with Bill Northey
U.S. Farmers and Ranchers: I am Farmland -
Interview with Randy Krotz
Interview with Brad Bellah

Press Conferences:
“Media Welcome,” with Don Torte, Vice President, Farm Progress Companies and Nick Fassler, Product Manager, BASF: Media Welcome

“I am Farmland,” with Randy Krotz, CEO U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance: I am Farmland

“New Product Announcement,” Koch Agronomic Services with Wayne Jelinek, VP Global Marketing: New Product Announcement

“Record Corn Crop: Challenges and Opportunities,” with Chip Bowling, First Vice President, National Corn Growers Association: Record Corn Crop

“Land Values Showing Softness Across Illinois,” with Dr. Gary Schnitkey, University of Illinois College of ACES and Dale Aupperle, Heartland Ag Group: Land Values Showing Softness in Illinois Presser

Growth Energy Displays a Model Ethanol Plant:

Experiencing Farm Progress with Katie Johnson:

2014 Farm Progress Show Company News

FPS14-flagMore than 700 exhibitors were part of the shortened 2014 Farm Progress Show highlighting new products, technology, tools, tractors, hay equipment, harvesters and much more.

More general audio from FPS can be found here.

2014 Farm Progress Show Photo Album
2014 New Holland Farm Progress Show Photo Album

Here’s the latest from a few of the 2014 FPS sponsors and exhibitors:
New Holland
Abe Hughes Takes #ALSIceBucketChallenge
New Holland Talks Biomass Harvesting - Interview with Jarrod Angstadt, New Holland
New Holland Refined DuraVee Hay Rakes – (Video)
A Look at New Holland’s Discbine – (Video)
New Holland Tier 4B Guardian Sprayers – (Video)
New Holland Loans Tractors to BioCentury Research Farm – (Video)

Come and Play at FS STAR EnergyInterview with Bev Long, GROWMARK Agronomy, FS STAR Energy
GROWMARK FS Promotes N ManagementInterview with Nate Pierce, John Grandin, and Chuck Webb, GROWMARK FS

Bayer CropScience
Bayer Kicks Off Farm Progress Show
Interview with Jim Blome, President/CEO, Bayer CropScience
Interview with Ivan Stoltzfus
Bayer’s Investment in the Future of AgInterview with Inci Dannenbreg, Bayer CropScience
Bayer Fluency Agent Completes 2nd Year TrialsInterview with Kerry Grossweiler, Bayer CropScience
Bayer CropScience Plans 2015 DiFlexx ReleaseInterview with Jeff Springsteen, Bayer CropScience
Biologics R & D at Bayer Crop ScienceInterview with Dr. Jonathan Margolis, Bayer CropScience Biologics
Bayer ILeVO Fights Soybean SDSInterview with Dave Byrum, Bayer CropScience
Catching up with Bayer Queen BeeInterview with Dr. Becky Langer, Bayer CropScience
What’s New with Bayer Stratego YLD
Interview with Thorsten Schwindt, Bayer CropScience
Interview with Randy Myers, Bayer CropScience

FMC Corporation
Congrats to FMC Anthem Contest FinalistsInterview with Paul Redhage, FMC
FMC Authority and Marvel for FallFMC's Brent Neuberger comments on Authority and Fall Applications
Neuberger talks about Marvel herbicide
FMC Solstice Herbicide for Corn: Interview with Gail Stratman
FMC Capture LFR & the Zone of Protection: Interview with Gail Stratman
FMC Partners with John Deere Financial: Interview with Adam Prestegord, FMC

John Deere
John Deere New Anhydrous ApplicatorInterview with Doug Felter
John Deere Seed Star Mobile at FPSInterview with Diane Reed, John Deere
Plant Faster with John Deere ExactEmergeInterview with Kelby Krueger, John Deere

More Companies
Learning More about BASF LimusInterview with Nick Fassler, BASF
BASF Farm Perspectives Survey - Interview with AJ Woodyard and Brady Spangenberg, BASF
Get Paid to Plant Enogen Corn: Interview with David Witherspoon
Summit Group Announces Corn Ethanol Plant in Brazil: Interview with Bruce Rastetter
Corn Ethanol Project in Brazil Will Feature Precision Ag: Interview with Eric Peterson
AgInfomatics Identifying the Benefits of Insecticides: Interview with Pete Nowak, AgInfomatics
Mitas Launches “Farmers Can” To Celebrate Farmer Ingenuity

NBB Hopes Final RFS Rule Expands Biodiesel Use

Joe Jobe NBBThe advanced biofuels community is reacting this week to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) submission of the final 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) where it will be reviewed. Although the rule is not public, groups are speculating on what the final rule entails with hope still that advanced biofuels will not see a reversal in volumes.

National Biodiesel Board (NBB) CEO Joe Jobe is hoping to see an increase in biodiesel from the proposal released last year. Joe explained the the proposed rule would cap out biodiesel and cause a dramatic reduction in production.

Interview with Joe Jobe, National Biodiesel Board