Why Use AgNewsWire?

AgNewsWire is THE virtual newsroom for agriculture, with archived content since 2005 and new material added daily.

AgNewsWire is a source of multi-media content for more than 2,300 agricultural media, communicators and influencers seeking high quality photos and audio from around 50 industry events each year.

AgNewsWire is the official newsroom of AAEA The Agricultural Communicators Network and the Livestock Publications Council.

AgNewsWire is a source for content related to current issues, such as press releases, interviews with lawmakers, audio from press conferences, or images for news stories.

AgNewsWire is a way to reach influencers and communicators in the agribusiness and biofuels industry.

AgNewsWire is an agricultural content service for those who have ag news and want to get it distributed, and for those who need ag news content for programs and publications.

AgNewsWire is open source and all content is licensed as CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0), meaning it may be downloaded and used free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast. This includes all photographic images, audio interviews, and other original content posted on this website. Credit may be given to AgNewsWire.

AgNewsWire is a division of ZimmComm, owned and operated by Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman and was started in 2005. Offices are located near the beautiful white sand beaches of Pensacola.

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