2024 Commodity Classic

The theme for the 2024 Commodity Classic, February 28 – March 2 in Houston, Texas is “New Frontiers in Agriculture.” Commodity Classic is presented annually by the American Soybean Association, National Corn Growers Association, National Association of Wheat Growers, National Sorghum Producers, and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Thanks to Syngenta for sponsorship of this virtual ag newsroom which includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2024 Commodity Classic Photo Album

Interviews and Audio

General Audio
Commodity Classic organization leaders – ASA, NCGA, NSP, NAWG, AEM
Classic24 Organization leaders 43:16
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack remarks
Classic24 Vilsack remarks 22:48
EPA Administrator Michael Regan remarks
Classic24 Regan remarks 8:43
Secretary Vilsack and EPA Administrator chat with Chandler Goule
Classic24 Vilsack and Regan fireside chat 22:15
Sec. Vilsack and Admin. Regan press conference
Classic24 Vilsack-Regan presser 17:40

Radicle Growth Launches The Radical Corn Value Chain Challenge Sponsored by US Corn Farmers – press conference
Classic24 Radical Corn Challenge press conference 6:35
American Soybean Association press conference – ASA president Josh Gackle from North Dakota and vice president Caleb Ragland, Kentucky
Classic24 ASA press conference 22:50
Clean Fuels Alliance America learning session –
Doug Whitehead, Clean Fuels COO; Greg Anderson, Nebraska Soybean Board and Clean Fuels Board Member; Courtney Lawrenson, AGP and Clean Fuels Board Member; Mike DeCamp, CEO, CoverCress Inc; Scott Hedderich, Director, Nuseed; and Alan Weber, Partner, M4.
Classic24 Clean Fuels learning session 33:56

Syngenta interviews
Eric Boeck, Regional Director North America Seeds at Syngenta
Classic24 Erick Boeck, Syngenta Seeds 7:07
Mary Kay Thatcher, Senior Manager, Federal Government and Industry Relations, Syngenta
Classic24 Mary Kay Thatcher, Syngenta 5:29
Liz Hunt, Sustainable & Responsible Business Head, Syngenta
Classic24 Liz Hunt, Syngenta 4:10
Katie Jaeger, Soybean Seedcare Product Lead, Syngenta – Victrato
Classic24 Katie Jaeger, Syngenta Seedcare 2:55
Jim Shertzer, Head of Branded Marketing, Syngenta North America Seeds
Classic24 Jim Shertzer, Syngenta Seeds 5:14
Tyler Harp, Fungicide Technical Lead, Row Crops, Syngenta
Classic24 Tyler Harp, Syngenta fungicides 3:33
Matt Geiger, Agronomist, Syngenta Crop Protection
Classic24 Matt Geiger, Syngenta Crop Protection 3:29
Shawn Hock, Corn Herbicide Product Lead, Syngenta – Storen
Classic24 Shawn Hock, Syngenta corn herbicides 3:19
Christy Schrader, GHX Marketing Manager, Syngenta
Classic24 Christy Schrader, GHX 3:17
Rex Gray, Corn Product Manager, Golden Harvest/GHX, Syngenta
Classic24 Rex Gray, Golden Harvest/GHX 4:08
Justin Welch, Digital Product Manager, Syngenta
Classic24 Justin Welch, Syngenta 3:12
Kramer Farney, Golden Harvest head of marketing.
Classic24 Kramer Farney, Golden Harvest 2:24
Matt Dolch and Jared Benson, NK corn and soybean product managers
Classic24 Matt Dolch and Jared Benson, NK Seeds 5:36

Amber Leusink, Senior Manager, Programs and Grants, Truterra
Classic24 Amber Leusink, Truterra 7:06
John Porter, Truterra Outreach and Partnership Liaison
Classic24 John Porter, Truterra 6:58

Additional Trade Show interviews
Janae Brady, Vice President of Government Affairs, American Seed Trade Association – Cover Crops Survey
Classic24 Janae Brady, ASTA 3:05
Lance Rezac, USSEC Chairman, United Soybean Board, Onaga, Kansas
Classic24 Lance Rezac, USSEC Chairman 4:25
Craig Dick, VP of Marketing and Sales, Phospholutions
Classic24 Craig Dick, Phospholutions 3:55
Mike DeCamp, CEO, CoverCress
Classic24 Mike DeCamp, CoverCress 8:58
Jim Kelly, Sustainability Programs Director, Pivot Bio
Classic24 Jim Kelly, Pivot Bio 4:37