RhizoSorb® Grower Guarantee: Providing assurance and confidence in The Next Generation of Phosphorus Fertilizer

State College, PA: RhizoSorb® is setting a groundbreaking industry standard for phosphorus fertilizer efficiency. To help growers adopt RhizoSorb 8-39-0 in 2024, corn growers who purchase a minimum of 200 acres will receive a warranty that will reduce their risk of adopting the new fertilizer technology. The RhizoSorb Grower Guarantee is designed to empower growers to embrace “The Next Generation of Phosphorus Fertilizer” TM with confidence.

RhizoSorb was commercially launched to agriculture in 2023 after five years and over 500 trials across the United States. Phospholutions is committed to supporting farmers in the implementation of agronomically sound, economically beneficial, and sustainably positive fertilizers. In collaboration with Growers Edge, Phospholutions is introducing an inaugural Warranty Backed Crop Plan. The purpose is to reduce risk and offer assurance to growers seeking to adopt new sustainable, Enhanced-Efficiency Fertilizers like RhizoSorb 8-39-0.

“Even though our multi-state, multi-year trials show RhizoSorb 8-39-0 has more than 2 times the phosphate utilization compared to MAP 11-52-0, farmers still want to see the product perform on their farm. By partnering with Growers Edge to provide a warranty-backed purchase, we’ve reduced the risk for farmers to make the change to RhizoSorb, The Next Generation of Phosphate Fertilizer,” states Craig Dick, VP of Sales and Marketing at Phospholutions.”

The RhizoSorb Grower Guarantee empowers farmers to seamlessly adopt RhizoSorb 8-39-0 across their corn acres while mitigating the risks associated with the implementation of new products. Should RhizoSorb performance fail to match or surpass past yields, farmers will receive a per-acre payment. By enrolling in the RhizoSorb Grower Guarantee, farmers can experience a smooth transition to a more innovative, profitable, and sustainable dry phosphate fertilizer on the market.

For more information on how to enroll in the Phospholutions RhizoSorb Grower Guarantee Program, growers can visit www.phospholutions.com/growerguarantee.

About Phospholutions
At Phospholutions, our mission is to enhance global phosphorus use. We believe sustainable production and responsible use of phosphorus is critical to support global food demands. RhizoSorb® was developed to cut costs and reduce the environmental impact of fertilizer use by releasing nutrients in the soil more efficiently. Our patented fertilizer additive is incorporated into production to create higher efficiency products that maximize the use of phosphate resources.

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Bradlee Consevage