GS Vortex Systems Launches Vortex Flow Amplifier, The New Standard in Pipe Flow Technology

With their radical breakthrough in fluid flow control, GS Vortex Systems delivers transformational gains in cost reduction, flow efficiency, system productivity, and sustainability for agricultural irrigation and other industries

Midland and Austin, TX, November 9th, 2023GS Vortex Systems, the new standard for cost reduction and flow assurance in piping systems, announced today the launch of their flagship product, the Vortex Flow Amplifier. Based on their breakthrough advances in flow control, GS Vortex Systems has solved fluid transportation cost and reliability challenges for agricultural irrigation systems and multiple flow-critical industries. The company will be showcasing its products at the 2023 Irrigation Show (November 28th – December 1st) in San Antonio, TX.

The Vortex Flow Amplifier transforms fluid flow dynamics and efficiency using advanced duration flow rotation. This creates compelling advantages for simultaneous, multi-dimensional efficiency gains across operational areas, which are leading to rapid adoption in the irrigation industry and creating growing excitement in many other flow-reliant businesses.

“Though everyone has flow challenges,” said Avi Ghosh, co-founder and CEO of GS Vortex Systems, “no two systems or problems are quite alike. We designed Vortex devices to flexibly support customers by removing the widest range of pain points and delivering clear operating gains. We also made these easy to install and fully compatible with diverse irrigation systems and sizes, from drip lines to wheel lines (side-roll) and pivots. We want to surprise and delight customers with the lowest cost, highest reliability irrigation performance they’ve ever seen. This is desperately needed today. Once their most costly and time-consuming pain areas are permanently eliminated with Vortex and farmers can trust their irrigation again, they have the opportunity to use our technology for further system-wide cost reduction, productivity gains, yield security, and growth. All without the unnecessary expense of larger pumps and pipes. Farmers using Vortex flow better for less and never look back.”

The agriculture industry, in particular, needs cost-efficient fluid flow for sustainable operations. Unlike conventional solutions that resort to increased pumping energy or larger pipes to overcome flow drag, GS Vortex Systems re-analyzed pipe flow dynamics at their core to eliminate flow resistance. This advance offers unmatched levels of operational reliability and productivity enhancement for all systems. The Vortex Flow Amplifier is an outstanding and truly radical flow innovation.

The GS Vortex Flow Amplifier offers compelling farming benefits including:

● Lower Pumping Costs: Pump energy spent overcoming flowing friction results in much higher operating costs than necessary. Vortex permanently eliminates that problem. Energy savings of over 30% have been demonstrated in the laboratory and field. With the Vortex Flow Amplifier, customers can also rest easy, knowing that their critical operations will run smoothly at ideal and assured flow rates. Larger pumps and pipes only increase operational costs, while Vortex reduces them, for good.

● Outstanding Flow Delivery: Friction loss is constantly reducing your line pressure and terminal flow delivery too. That is why Vortex friction elimination is so effective in maintaining flow to the very ends of all pipes, lines and pivot arms. The centralized flow pattern causes particle suspension, eliminating downtime from blockages. Up to 50% higher flow is possible in existing pipes, delivering flow assurance farmers have never experienced before.

● Unlock Untapped Productivity: Vortex units compound pumping efficiency over terrain and distance. This often allows the parallel operation of additional irrigation units, so raising yields. With higher reliability and fewer downtime crises, more resources are available for raising operating productivity.

● Reliable, Sustainable Operations: GS Vortex Systems fully appreciates the value of existing investments in irrigation systems and is committed to improving their performance. With the Vortex Flow Amplifier, customers do not need to replace their entire systems to capture valuable benefits. Even selective retrofitting, targeting critical pain points, quickly yields strong improvements and rapid returns. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Vortex presents an opportunity to develop premium systems or offer retrofit solutions to customers.

“The Vortex Flow Amplifier represents the most significant leap forward in drag reduction technology and flow assurance since copper pipes were first produced 3,000 years ago,” Ghosh continued. “We’ve achieved an extraordinary step-change in pipe flow performance and are excited to see customers benefiting from an inexpensive solution that provides them with a permanent improvement in reliability, productivity, and sustainability. On a macro scale, Vortex technology’s compound efficiency advantages over distances and complex terrain can help eliminate major capital infrastructure, like pump stations, to ensure that efficient flow is delivered at the lowest capital and operating expense for national water resources and their distribution. Vortex flow technology will rapidly be adopted as the new standard and pre-eminent solution for ensuring sustainable, yet cost-effective, future operations for both existing and green-field projects. For both Brownfield and Greenfield projects, there will be no looking back.”

The Vortex Flow Amplifier and other key irrigation products will be on show at the 2023 Irrigation Show (Booth 949, November 28th – December 1st) in San Antonio, TX.

If you’re interested in a demo, please visit the booth or reach out directly at:

About GS Vortex Systems
GS Vortex Systems is the new standard for cost reduction and flow assurance in piping systems. We deliver unmatched flow efficiency and system productivity.

Our technology is designed to address flow problems at their core. Other irrigation and flow engineers long ago gave up on reducing flow drag, and have worked to overcome the problem with increased pumping energy, larger pipes, or both. Vortex’s best-in-class products overcome flow drag to address some of the most challenging pipe system problems.

Whether it’s water for irrigation or high density abrasive mining slurries, we optimize flow systems to deliver higher, assured flow rates for the same pump energy. From drip systems to pivot irrigation, our products have no moving parts, consume no energy, need no maintenance and install easily to all pipes. The result is reduced pumping costs, increased yields, and decarbonized operations.

Fit, forget, and finally achieve reliable operations without constant interruptions or supervision.

GS Vortex Systems is based in Austin, TX, and was founded by a team of inspired engineers dedicated to fundamentally reimagining how fluid should flow for optimal system efficiency and performance.

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