HGS BioScience™ and Tiger-Sul® Collaborate in Strategic Partnership

Leaders in soil health team up to build new, easier solutions for growers

JACKSONVILLE, Florida/SHELTON, Connecticut (March 8, 2023) – HGS BioScience™, a leader in the manufacture of dry-delivery, functional carbon, and Tiger-Sul® Products LLC, leaders in sulphur bentonite and micronutrient-enhanced crop performance products, announce a new strategic partnership to develop and commercialize a portfolio of high-value soil health and nutritional products.

The first product in their joint venture will be Tiger® Humi[K]™ 4% which combines functional carbon with sulphur bentonite in one convenient pastille. This innovative, new product will combine both companies’ flagship products in one easy-to use formulation. Growers and distributors can expect Tiger Humi[K] 4% to be available in March 2023.

“This is a classic example of the sum being greater than the parts, said Scott Messer, Vice President, HGS BioScience™. “We are always thinking about ways to get our Performance Technology™ to customers who want to get more out of each acre. The ability to get both these products at once with Tiger Humi[K] is just that solution.”

This combination delivers functional carbon technology which improves soil health, increases nutrient uptakes, and reduces plant stress. The sulphur bentonite increases plant nutrient-use-efficiency, improves soil health and is in high demand to promote higher yields.

HGS and Tiger-Sul have been in talks for months establishing the details of the strategic partnership. The two agree that this will go much further than this initial product, with talks already beginning for other product innovations and joint marketing efforts.

“Growers are always looking for ways to lower input costs, improve efficiency, and increase yields,” said Kit Rowe, Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Tiger-Sul. “We believe this new combination product hits all three marks with one convenient pastille. Growers can make fewer applications, and boost productivity.”

The companies are focused on the launch of Tiger Humi[K] 4%, which makes functional carbon and sulphur bentonite easier to apply. Their efforts will then focus their discovery teams on the research and development of new humic acid and micronutrient formulations. The firms are eager to combine their expertise to develop and market these products together.

Tiger-Sul’s experience in developing dry fertilizer products that are stable, durable, effective, and easy to apply are the characteristics that will bring added value to the innovative humic technology. Future joint endeavors will include soil health products with higher levels of dry humic acid which will provide additional soil health improvement, crop stress management and improved nutrient uptake to go along with much needed sulfur in the soil.


In this interview from Commodity Classic, HGS BioScience CEO Mike Steffeck talks about the new company name and focus, this new partnership, and future plans. Please feel free to download the audio file for broadcast use in whole or part.
Classic 23 interview with HGS BioScience CEO Mike Steffeck (8:09)

About HGS BioScience™
HGS Bioscience™ is a soil health innovation company perfecting the delivery of functional carbon to farmers’ fields. Its expanding Performance Granule™ portfolio allows growers to get more yield from each acre by improving soil health and unleashing the nutrient bank in the soil. With six North American manufacturing sites and the deepest, most versatile portfolio in the industry, HGS BioScience™ is shaping the future of soil and plant health in the U.S., Canada and around the world.

For more information HGS BioScience, please see www.hgsbioscience.com.

About Tiger-Sul Products®
Tiger-Sul Products is the global leader in sulphur bentonite, sulphur bentonite micronutrients technology, and other well-established crop performance products. For more than 50 years, Tiger-Sul Products innovations have been the standard used by the agriculture industry to improve global crop production and fufill the fertilizer requirements of agricultural customers around the world.

For more information about Tiger-Sul Products LLC, visit www.tigersul.com.

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