Concept AgriTek Field Day 2022 Showcases Product Successes

(Oran, Missouri) – On July 21, 2022, farmers gathered between two corn fields to learn about the efficacy and results of the Concept AgriTek line of products at the company’s 2022 field day.

Held at the Seyer Farm, the day served to showcase leading research on the company’s micronutrient and biological product portfolio and answer questions farmers have regarding implementing plans that include biology and micronutrient management.

“We decided a couple of years ago, that if we were going to do plots, we were going to do them right. We wanted them to be as close to what growers were seeing in the field as we could get them,” Regional Sales Manager, Mark Glastetter told attendees as the event kicked off.

The in-field portion offered an in-depth look at the biology being used in the Concept AgriTek agronomic program with Agronomist, Bert Riggan, discussing the importance of Buncha Bugs and Biovate® XP as a foundation for any crop. One of the central reasons Concept AgriTek is hyper-focused on introducing good biology is the fact that in order for a plant, any plant, to reach its yield potential, it must be equipped with a hardy root system.

“I know that biology is a big buzzword right now, but guys, we’ve been testing this for a very long time and the root mass is where it’s at. If you can’t build a plant up at the soil line and below, it doesn’t matter what you do to it up top,” Riggan said of the exceptional root growth Concept AgriTek’s diverse consortium of biology adds to a crop.

With the temperature extremes and widespread drought seen throughout the Midwest this season, Riggan says that it has been easy to spot which crops have a biological advantage.

Following the field portion of the event, attendees convened at the local Knights of Columbus Hall for lunch and continued education. The afternoon delivered an introduction of the Concept AgriTek team, a display of nationwide product success amongst various crops, including rice, corn, soybeans, sweet potatoes, and melon. The afternoon concluded with a product giveaway of 100 acres of CALBOR and BioHealth.

Concept AgriTek owner, Trey Curtis, addressed attendees to share organizational additions, promotions and changes that he says will help to better serve Concept AgriTek’s customers.

“We are growing at an incredible rate and with that growth, we are adding to our sales and support teams to make sure that we are able to provide the level of service and agronomic support our team has become known for,” he said.

Visit the Concept AgriTek website to learn more about the education shared at the 2022 Field Day, or to schedule an on-site visit with an agronomist. To learn more about the product portfolio, visit


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