Salvus Gearing up to Start Clinical and Market Trials in 2022

Company adds product manager role to support future growth

Salvus™ LLC, part of the CJB family of companies, expects to take delivery on its first commercial pathogen and chemical contamination detection devices in December and anticipates clinical and market/demo trials to commence in early 2022.

“Global semiconductor supply chain challenges have delayed device deliveries by three to four months. We are eager for December deliveries and the commercialization phase for the Salvus technology,” said Clinton Beeland, president and CEO of Salvus. “The unique sensitivity and flexibility of the Salvus analyzer and its cartridge system will bring tremendous detection capabilities to multiple industries.”

Earlier this year, Salvus announced plans to commercialize a novel interferometric platform that provides highly accurate detection of contaminants or pathogens in many industries. Applicable in human and animal health, agriculture, water quality management, food processing and the chemical and transportation industries, Salvus detection technology features handheld detection in minutes with extreme specificity and at parts per billion accuracies in many applications.

The platform is proven to detect SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, with sensitivity and specificity comparable to molecular tests, as well as dozens of other potentially dangerous pathogens and chemical contaminants.

The Salvus detection system consists of a lightweight, handheld analyzer and a disposable cartridge – both patent pending – that is adaptable to many point-of-care and on-site uses ranging from airports and health care facilities to water containments, farm fields, food processing sites and animal enclosures.

Salvus appoints product manager to support growth

Andre Weltman Tatar
Product Manager,
Salvus LLC

To support current and future business growth, Andre Weltman Tatar has joined Salvus as product manager. In this role, Tatar will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies, plans and tactics to create demand and enhance the growth and profitability of Salvus’ detection technology and business. He will provide leadership and guidance to key functional areas within Salvus, including product development, supply chain, operations and marketing.

“We are excited that Andre will help us realize the tremendous opportunity for value creation as Salvus detection technology is commercialized,” Beeland said.

Tatar, an industrial engineer, joins Salvus from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, where he served as a product specialist. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial and systems engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. A native of Brazil, Tatar is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. He and his wife, Mitchell, will reside in Valdosta, the home of Salvus LLC and the CJB Companies.

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Founded in 1997, the CJB family of companies – CJB Industries Inc., CJB Applied Technologies LLC and Salvus LLC – serve the agricultural, life sciences and specialty chemical industries. The CJB companies provide independent contract chemical manufacturing, contract formulation development and detection technologies utilized by both small independent companies and global multi-nationals. CJB’s focus on safety, quality, reliability, and ease of doing business is the cornerstone of lasting relationships across all industry sectors served. For more information, please visit our websites at;; and


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