BASF Receives EPA Registration for Revysol Fungicide

BASF has received Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for Revysol® fungicide. The new active ingredient (AI) is the first and only isopropanol azole of its kind in the market for a broad range of crops and disease combinations. Revysol, and its related product brands, will be available to growers for the 2020 planting season.

The AI will be available in several customized products, including Veltyma™ fungicide in corn; Revytek™ fungicide in soybeans; Provysol™ fungicide in potatoes, sugar beets and peanuts; and Cevya® fungicide in grapes, almonds, pome and stone fruit.

Revysol was the big reveal at the 2019 BASF Science Behind media event prior to Commodity Classic. Paula Halabicki, BASF Technical Marketing Manager, and Matt Bradley, BASF Product Marketing Manager, provide more information about the new AI and its product brands in these audio files.

The Fungicide Landscape –
Matt Bradley, BASF - Revysol Announcement

The Future of Fungicides –
Paula Halabicki, BASF, Presentation

Introducing Fungicide Brands –
Matt Bradley, BASF - New Brands