2019 BASF Legacy Club Events

To honor the hard work of its cotton grower customers, BASF held a special event in Destin, Florida. The event provides an opportunity to meet other successful growers and attend an awards dinner celebration to find out who made the 2018 Stoneville Legacy Club.

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2019 BASF Legacy Club Events Photo Album


Rachel Walters, Cotton Seed Marketing Manager, BASF, talks about the Legacy Club: Interview with Rachel Walters, BASF

Grower interviews

Interview with David Barrett, Ransom Farms, North Carolina winner

Interview with Clayton Anderson, Georgia winner

Interview with Donnie Lassiter, North Carolina

Interview with Leon Burch, Georgia

Interview with Clark Stillinger, South Carolina

Interview with Butch Roecker, Advisor and Mark Landry, Texas Grower

Interview with John Smith, Advisor and Wes Kirkpatrick, Arkansas Grower

Interview with Riley Taylor, Advisor and Gregg Mayberry, Missouri Grower