Timac Agro USA Continues to Gain Popularity in Managing Early Season Stress

Fertiactyl®ST is a seed treatment formulated for stronger emergence

Timac Agro USA, a provider of crop nutritional solutions, introduces Fertiactyl® ST, a liquid seed treatment suitable for any crop started from seed. This formulation was developed from Timac Agro’s Fertiactyl® GZ to help farmers battle environmental stress during spring planting. It is the newest addition to an extensive portfolio developed from 20 years of research and development in the plant extract and liquid patented formulas sectors.

Fertiactyl® ST is formulated with the Fertiactyl® Complex, which is comprised of precision plant extracts, zinc, and humic and fulvic acids. Fertiactyl® ST was officially launched at the 2018 Commodity Classic where Timac’s National Specialty Crops Manager, Alex Duffy, presented at a What’s New session.

“Fertiactyl® ST is a seed treatment using our active ingredient that helps with establishment and reducing stress in adverse growing conditions,” said Duffy.

The intent of the product is to provide farmers a seed treatment to protect growing seedlings from tough environmental conditions. Extremes in temperature, water, and salinity can severely impact crop establishment. By reducing the negative impacts of these stressors, emergence, root growth, and recovery time after stress are improved.

“One of the most economical options we’ve developed in the past few years is Fertiactyl® ST,” said John D. Bailey, Ph.D., National Row Crops Manager for Timac Agro USA. “With many farmers treating their own seed on the farm, as well as major expansion in seed treatment options at the retail level, we recognized a major unmet need in this space. That need was to transform the world’s leading seaweed extract technology into a suitable formula to put directly on the seed.”

Recent independent research has demonstrated that soybeans treated with Fertiactyl® ST improved yield compared to fungicide/insecticide seed treatments. This synergy with existing seed treatments will be the subject of future research. Several other independent studies showed improved performance and ROI from Fertiactyl® ST compared to other biological seed treatment products. Information on Fertiactyl® ST and BioSinc® research studies can be found at http://www.us.timacagro.com/research.

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Timac Agro USA provides innovative, high-quality solutions in crop nutrition as well as animal nutrition and welfare. Their motto is to help farmers everywhere “Think Different…Farm Better”. Their products are unique in that virtually all of them contain patented plant and seaweed extract formulas. A subsidiary of Groupe Roullier, the company is headquartered outside Reading, Pa., with manufacturing facilities in New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.us.timacagro.com.