One Million Times a Day, Adapt-N Brings Big Data Value to Farmers Where It Counts: Their Wallets

Agronomic Technology Corp, a Precision Ag leader, is providing precision nitrogen to an increasing number of once-skeptical farmers.

Agronomic Technology Corp, a leader in agricultural field modeling for soil, water, crops, and fertilizer for the first time surpassed over one million daily nitrogen recommendations and is nearing one billion cumulative platform recommendations. The company provides Adapt-N and N-Insight, industry-leading nitrogen management solutions in partnership with agricultural retailers, agricultural technology companies, and farmers, and is adding additional crop, nutrient, soil, and yield solutions to its platform.

“We’ve gained traction because the value to farmers is real. We have the most advanced and proven nitrogen management solutions that are independently shown to increase crop yield and input efficiency for an average profit increase of $30/acre,” says Steve Sibulkin, CEO of Agronomic Technology Corp. “We’re now leveraging our low-cost-provider position with approaches that give farmers and their advisors even more control, more value, and lower prices.”

“Farmers who use Adapt-N are able to realize near-term value to their bottom line in a low-cost, low-risk way,” says Rob Trice of Better Food Ventures and founder of The Mixing Bowl event. “With Adapt-N, farmers don’t have to pay a big upfront fee and hand over all of their data to a tech tool without knowing what specific benefit will be derived.”

Ken Zuckerberg, Executive Director at Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research group similarly adds, “There are many agricultural data companies claiming to ‘add value’ but lacking a credible way to prove the ROI. Agronomic is one of a handful of exceptional agricultural technology companies always focused on provable value to farmers and partners.”

Leading Ag Retailers and input providers have also partnered with Agronomic Technology Corp, and Sibulkin expects many more. “It is incredible to see how many additional agronomically and economically justified product and service opportunities emerge when continually and accurately assessing fields,” says Sibulkin, “It is easy enough to offset any farmer tool costs, and produce a ‘win-win-win’ outcome.”

Agronomic Technology Corp provides a recommendation platform to help tackle key challenges in agriculture. The company leverages the power of cloud technology, proven science, and data to deliver large-scale, field-specific solutions that break the trade-off between financial and environmental performance. For more information, contact or call 866-208-3276.

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