PacificAg Can Help Farmers and Biorefineries

pacificag-harvestThe largest and most experienced biomass harvest company in the country wants to help ethanol plants develop or expand operations into the production of cellulosic ethanol by saving time and money on supply chain development.

PacificAg is already supplying biomass for plants in Iowa and Kansas, including corn stover, wheat straw and milo stover products.

In this interview, PacificAg founder and CEO Bill Levy talks about how they started in the residue management business nearly 20 years ago harvesting forage crops for feed in Oregon and have now expanded to meet the needs of the growing biofuels industry in the Midwest.Interview with PacificAg CEO Bill Levy

In this interview, PacificAg partner Harrison Pettit explains how both growers and ethanol plants can benefit from their services. Interview with PacificAg partner Harrison Pettit