NuFarm Introduces “CATS” Herbicides

NuFarmNufarm announces a new line of herbicide products that will offer soybean, cotton, peanut and corn growers effective, economical options for controlling herbicide resistant/tolerant weed species at all phases of the growing season. The CATS (Combating Troublesome Species) herbicide line will provide a range of solutions that will deliver control of numerous herbicide-tolerant or –resistant species in soybeans, corn and cotton.

Studies at the University of Tennessee and others have shown that the rapid spread of herbicide-resistant weeds costs crop producers millions of dollars in terms of additional herbicide inputs, management cost and lost yields1. According to a 2011 study by Larry Steckel, assistant professor and row crop weed specialist with the University of Tennessee Department of Plant Sciences, soybean growers in Tennessee were spending an additional $35/acre to control herbicide resistant weeds that year, adding up to an estimated $56 million in additional chemical cost statewide. Steckel combined that with an estimated increase in application costs of $8 million plus an estimated $40 million in lost yields, for a staggering total estimated loss of $104 million in Tennessee soybean production alone.

But crop producers can limit yield loss with smart weed management strategies that include the CATS herbicide solution platform, according to Bob Bruss, technical services manager with Nufarm.

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