Summit on Energy Security Brings Together Diverse Group

Ethanol Promotion and Information CouncilWashington, DC. – July 14, 2007 (AgNewsWire) – “National Security and America’s Addiction to Carbon: Solutions to Oil Dependence and Climate Change” was the theme of the 2nd Annual National Summit on Energy Security held in Washington DC on Thursday, organized by 2020 Vision.

“The purpose of the summit this year was to show how America’s dependence on oil and global climate change are really inter-related issues that stem from similar problems,” said Tom Collina, executive director of 2020 Vision. “Both have national security implications and both have common solutions that we can address without delay.”

Collina says one of the primary solutions is ethanol.

“There’s no one solution to our energy security challenges,” said Collina. “But ethanol plays a huge role in displacing oil by being able to fuel our cars with something that is domestic, renewable and much less harmful to the environment.”

The summit brought together a diverse group of political and governmental leaders, including Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), as well as security, environmental and energy experts.

One of the participants was arctic explorer Will Steger who recently finished a four month journey across the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island to experience and document how the Inuit culture is coping with global warming.

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