Valley Touts Energy-Wise Oil Hydraulic-to-Electric Pivot Conversions

Ayres KahlerVALLEY, Neb. (AgNewsWire) – Electricity is the most convenient and versatile form of energy to run center pivots, requiring approximately 75 percent less energy to operate than oil hydraulic-drive pivots. Efficient oil hydraulic-drive-to-electric-drive conversion packages from Valley are specifically engineered for oil hydraulic-drive machines, providing a solution that looks as good as it performs.

With electricity available as a power source in nearly every commercial agricultural corner of the world, more than 95 percent of the world’s center pivots are electric-drive machines. Many of the remaining oil hydraulic-drive machines in the field were designed to run endguns without booster pumps at the end of the machine. This requires higher water pressure at the pivot, which translates into higher energy costs for the grower. With an oil hydraulic-drive-to-electric-drive conversion from Valley, an efficient electric booster pump can be added along with a low pressure sprinkler package to save the grower 20-40 psi in operating pressure in most cases.

An oil hydraulic-drive pumping unit must provide a constant 1750-1800 psi operating pressure regardless of machine speed. Electric-drive machines provide power only when needed, thus reducing the overall energy costs. Under certain operating conditions, the savings to run electric-drive vs. oil hydraulic-drive center pivots can equal thousands of dollars over several years. Rich Panowicz, aftermarket sales manager for Valmont Irrigation, said Valley’s engineers have spent many hours perfecting the conversion process. “Valley now offers an engineered solution which has been proven in field tests to be reliable and durable, while being cost effective,” he said.

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