2018 NCBA Virtual Newsroom


This page contains links to photos, audio, and other information from the 2018 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show, January 31-February 2 in Phoenix, Arizona. It is being updated continuously during the convention and will remain as an archive for content.

Here’s where you can find press releases as they are available.

If you need to schedule an interview or want more information please contact Ed Frank, NCBA.


2018 Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show Photo Album


Cattlemen’s College:
Handling Demonstration Presenter: Interview with Lily Edwards-Callaway

Handling Demonstration Presenter: Interview with Dean Fish  

Cattle ID & Traceability Report  

Interview with World Perspectives, Dave Juday  

NCBA Staff:
Interview with Kendal Frazier, NCBA CEO  

Interview with Colin Woodall, Sr. Vice President  

Interview with Chase DeCoite, Director Beef Quality Assurance  

Interview with Ethan Lane, Executive Director for the Public Lands Council  

Interview with Laura Hagen, Culinary Sr. Director  

Interview with Dr. Sara Place, Sr. Director Sustainable Beef Production Research  

Interview with Ashley McDonald, NCBA Sr. Director of Sustainability  

Interview with Dr. Kathy Simmons, NCBA Chief Veterinarian  

NCBA Leadership:
Interview with Craig Uden, President  

Remarks from Craig Uden, President  

Interview with Kevin Kester, President-Elect  

Interview with Jennifer Houston, Vice President  

Interview with Dawn Caldwell, Federation Vice-Chairmen  

Remarks from Brett Morris Cattlemen's Beef Board  

Interview with Joe Guild, Policy Chair & Jerry Bohn, Policy Vice Chair  

Remarks from Penny Zimmerman, ANCW President  

Remarks from Steve Boren, BIVI  

National Anthem by Lexie Sjeklocha  

Interview with Randy Blach, CattleFax  

Interview with Kevin Good, CattleFax  

Interview with Rickette Collins, Sr. Director, McDonald's Corp.  

Remarks from Senator Jerry Moran during D.C. Issues Update  

Beef Quality Assurance Winner, Educator – Interview with Dr. Ron Gill  

Beef Quality Assurance Winner, Feedlot – Interview with Blac-X Farms Inc.  

Environmental Stewardship Award Winner Jim O’Haco Cattle Company – Interview with Jim O’Haco  

Remarks from Greg Ibach, Under Secretary, USDA-MRP  

Trade Show:
Mineral Myths – Interview with Dr. Vaughn Holder, Alltech  

Organic vs. Inorganic Mineral Study – Interview with Dr. Matt Hersom, University of Florida  

Mineral Management – Interview with Butch Whitman, Alltech  

Update on Bio-Mos – Interview with Zach Postin, Alltech  

Update on EPNIX – Interview with Dr. Vaughn Holder, Alltech  

Blueprint Solutions – Interview with Mark Robbins Ridley Block Operations  

Crystalyx – Interview with Dan Dhuyvetter Ridley Block Operations  

Technology in Beef Industry – Interview with Aidan Connolly, Alltech  

Preventative Medicine – Interview with Dr. Peggy Thompson, BIVI  

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus – Interview with Dr. Steve Folk, BIVI  

Bovine Respirtory Diesease – Interview with Dr. Rich Linhart, BIVI  

Roundtable with Trevor Amen, Cobank Sarah Fitzgerald, Capital Farm Credit  

Interview with Rod Alt, Capital Farm Credit  

Interview with Todd Moore, Farm Credit Mid-America  

Interview with Brett Spader, National Center for Beef Excellence  


Cattle Handling Demonstration
Trade Show Opening
Riding Escalators
Farm Credit Roundtable
Incoming NCBA President Plays Catch on Stage
New John Deere Gator